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Dear Combat friends.
The next Dutch Combat International Worldcup event will be in 2018
No Dutch Combat in 2017
Because the European Championships are from 5th till 12th of august 2017
The first 2 week of august is the only part of the year that we can organise DCI
That's because the second half of august footbal competitions starting
The months of june and july, the soccerfield is in maintanance
So, thank you Ference, next time pick a better date, please.





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Wat is Combat ?

Nathalia Dementieva Beats Fred Meijer in the final at Dutch Nats. 10th sept '16 Ference Orvos-Rob Metkemeijer beat Bram Anker-Rob Olijve and Rik Olijve -Ben Jordaan at Dutch Nats. 2th okt. '16
Luc Deccausy 2e at Dutch Nats 2th okt '16      Henk de Jong 1e at Dutch nats 2th okt '16           Christoph Holtermann 3e at Dutch Nats 2th okt '16